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Click here to learn more about our Professional TSCM Services Click here to learn more about our Technical Secuirty Specialist (TSS) Certification Training Click here to "Maximize Your Professional Credibility" as a Member of the CTSPA Join us for the 9th Annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC 2014)

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Welcome to the Corporate Website of PDTG Inc.

Professional Development TSCM Group is a Canadian corporation with 35 years of professional experience in providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services (bug sweeps) and certification training at all known and developing threat levels involving eavesdropping and economic espionage, for Individuals, business owners, non-profit organizations, corporations, financial sector, government agencies, law enforcement, and military entities across Canada and around the Globe.

Professional Affiliation: | CTSPA | CCSP | ASIS | CADSI | IABTI | ERII | AOC |


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Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. - Telephone: 647-293-7384

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