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CTSPA | Eligibility for Membership

  • Members must accept and meet the CTSPA membership criteria.
  • New CTSPA members must complete and submit a membership application.
  • All new members must be recommended for Membership by a CTSPA member in good standing. If you do not know another member, please feel free to contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI
  • New members must be approved by the CTSPA membership committee.

The CTSPA is a professional association and as such, membership is restricted to those who are actively engaged on some level within the Technical Security (TSEC) field and meet CTSPA minimal professional standards to be considered for active membership.


Membership Categories

  • TSB Certified Member (Voting) - A member who has successfully completed the Technical Security Branch (TSB) advanced TSCM resident based designate certification program and awarded the Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designation. TSB certified members must maintain the annual        re-certification professional development requirements to remain a member in good standing.
  • Regular Member (Voting) - A member who has met the CTSPA recommended level of training and experience requirements. Regular membership eligibility will be determined on an individual basis utilizing information provided on the CTSPA Membership Application.
  • Industry Associate Member (Non-Voting) - This category of membership is designated for TSCM equipment manufacturers, suppliers and other interested parties who do not meet the voting eligibility requirements for active membership.


Membership Benefits

All CTSPA members in good standing receive the following membership benefits:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • Membership ID Card
  • Periodic CTSPA Newsletter
  • CTSPA Calendar
  • Annual CTSC - Preferred Member Rates
  • CTSPA Negotiated Member Benefits and Discounts
  • Membership Advertising Opportunities
  • Virtual Member Lounge (VML)
  • Enhanced Professional Credibility


The following additional benefits are provided to TSB Certified and Regular membership categories:

  • CTSPA Voting Privileges
  • Virtual Digital Library (VDL)
  • Confidential Member Directory (CMD)
  • Membership Business Profile (MBP)
  • Eligibility for Election or Board Appointment
  • Technical Surveillance Device - Intelligence Database (TSD-ID)
  • Geographical Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD)
  • Technical Bulletin and Application Database (TBAD)
  • Global Threat Advisory System (GTAS)


Annual Membership Fee (January to December)

Please due not submit membership payment until you are notified that you membership application has been approved by the CTSPA membership committee.

Simply download, complete and submit the Membership Application and other information.

Once your membership application approved for professional membership you will be notified to proceed with your payment.


Membership Application Form

Please Contact Us for a Membership Form


TSS (Designate) Certified Member (Voting)

$100.00 + 13.00 (13% HST) = $113.00 CAD


Regular Member (Voting)

$150.00 + 19.50 (13% HST) = $169.50 CAD


Associate Member (Non-Voting)

$250.00 + $32.50 (5% HST) = $282.50 CAD


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