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CTSPA | Professional Standards

  • Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct | Members must agree to follow the CTSPA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct guidelines as established by the membership bylaws to remain a member in good standing.
  • Technical Standards - Policy and Procedure Guidelines | The CTSPA has developed and implemented formal Technical Standards and Policy and Procedure Guidelines. These include, but are not limited to, minimum recommended equipment standards, personnel training and experience, and operational inspection guidelines.
  • Best Practices | The CTSPA through the collective experience of its vast membership have developed best practices for must operational tasks.


TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM

  • TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) | The Technical Security Branch (TSB) has development the only, proprietary TSCM operational standard available in North America, outside of perhaps government and military circles. The TSB has created a working (minimum recommended) standard based on the OS-PPG and a formal working document; TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM, as the minimum recommended practices guideline.
  • TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM | The TSB implemented the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM     in-house in January 2000 and maintains the working document on a monthly basis as significant TSCM industry, technological, and new threats become known. The TSB advanced TSCM resident based designate certification program is based on the the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM as is recognized as the only formal, time proven standard in existence.

Canadian Technical Security Professional Association (CTSPA) TM

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