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Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC)

The CTSPA financially sponsors and hosts the annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

In-fact, the we are now planning the 16th Annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) to be held at the NAV Centre located in Cornwall Ontario south of Ottawa.

The primary financial sponsor of CTSC 2020 is Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and the Technical Security Branch (TSB).

PDTG Inc., has successfully managed the CTSC 2006, CTSC 2007, CTSC 2008, CTSC 2009, CTSC 2010, CTSC 2011, CTC 2012, CTSC 2013, CTSC 2014, CTSC 2015, CTSC 2016, CTSC 2016, CTSC 2017, CTSC 2018, and CTSC 2019 conference events, and are pleased to work in conjunction with the CTSPA as the primary sponsor for the 15th Annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC 2020) event.


Continuing Education, Professional Development, and Networking Opportunities

Aside from the annual CTSC conference event, the CTSPA intends to develop, promote and host a number of continuing education, professional development and networking opportunities across the country.



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