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Technical Surveillance Device - Intelligence Database (TSD-ID)

Sophisticated surveillance technology is advancing at a tremendous pace. New espionage spy technologies, methods and techniques; including Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD) and Technical Security Hazards (TSH) are identified daily around the globe by qualified TSCM and technical security professionals, government, military and corporations.

Near real time tracking and perhaps more important, understanding the potential threats that such technologies pose to our vast membership simply cannot be calculated in rational terms.

It is essential that TSCM professionals maintain up to the minute knowledge about surveillance devices and technologies that have entered the complex threat realm and understand the danger that lurks when some operators in the industry play both sides against the middle by openly selling surveillance devices and also claim to locate surveillance devices all for a price.

The collective efforts of our membership will contribute to building a Technical Surveillance Device - Intelligence Database (TSD-ID).


Geographical Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD)

Members that conduct inspections utilizing professional level equipment resources may contribute to the Geographical Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD).

This database contains searchable and downloadable spectrum data contributed by the membership for the geographical area in which they operate or deploy.


Technical Bulletin and Application Database (TBAD)

Oftentimes, TSCM equipment manufacturers inadvertently or by design omit certain information from user / operating manuals and / or training programs.

TSCM professionals that operate such equipment oftentimes accidentally discover undocumented features, technical issues, or other information that qualified technical operators might benefit.

The Technical Bulletin and Application Database address such findings and provide a way to pass along perhaps critical information to other TSCM professionals.


Global Threat Advisory System (GTAS)

The CTSPA maintains a Global Threat Advisory System (GTAS) to monitor and track tends in surveillance technology, espionage and eavesdropping incidents, as well as incidents from around the globe.



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