Nikon D200 DSLR Camera (18 - 200 MM Telephoto Zoom) - The Nikon D200 (10.2 MP) DSLR was the first semi-professional camera system utilized to shoot many of the early photographs posted on the Wilderness Impressions website. This proved to be an excellent learning tool and on the first day out, captured a rare daytime raccoon casually strolling the woods providing an excellent photographic opportunity to shoot wildlife in a natural setting.

SIGMA 10 - 20 MM Wide Angle Zoom - To better accommodate and capture the vast wilderness images involved in mountain photography a relatively wide angle zoom lens was acquired. Some of the best photographs are the wide angle shots which seem to best capture the vast wilderness as it was observed in person by the photographer.



SIGMA 50 - 500 Telephoto Zoom - Another problem notably surfaced after several adventures into the vast Canadian Wilderness. The wildlife no matter how close, were always too far away. The 50 - 500 telephoto zoom lens was acquired to capture wild beasts in their natural habitat at a greater (and safer) distance. Large and heavy, this lens also proved to be an excellent learning tool.



SIGMA 2X TELE-CONVERTER - The ability to double the zoom capability of certain lenses, the 2 x tele-converter was next on the acquisition list for active duty in wilds of Alberta and beyond. This will most certainly prove useful attached to the Nikon 70 - 200 mm 2.8 telephoto zoom lens.



ROKINON (DIGITAL) 500 MM f / 6.3 DX REFLEX MIRROR LENS - The creative elements stage in learning to utilize more and more complex photographic equipment involved the acquisition of a 500 mm mirror telephoto lens. This lens capture the adventures of a large hawk who annoyingly entertained the photographer over a number of hours one fine afternoon.



SOLMETA (N1) GPS - The first generation Global Positioning System (GPS), added GPS location data to the many hundreds of pictures taken during various outings, was easily accomplished by adding a GPS receiver to the camera.



Nikon P-6000 (13.5 MP) Digital with integrated GPS - What about bad weather days in the mountains when it is not always possible to utilize the larger format camera in hand? Solution, a quality 13.2 MP point and shoot camera to fill the void. This small camera saved the day and resulted in some of the best photographs taken during a rain day adventure hiking out of the mountains, as the mountain top clouds rolled in on the trail. This excellent camera also is utilized extensively to photograph work related projects.


Nikon D300s DSLR - The quest for professionalism and excellence in photography never ends. The upgrade to a D300 12.8 MP DSLR camera seemed the logical choice. This camera will see action for the first time in the wilderness back country of Alberta, testing the skill an knowledge of the photographer, who I might add has been intently studying the more than 400 pages of operational instructions and programming guidelines.


Nikon 70 - 200 2.8 Telephoto Zoom - Not done yet, for this trip a brand new fast glass f 2.8 lens will venture into the wilderness for the first time attached to the D300 shown above. Yes - It is almost time to turn the hobby into a professional venture. All that is needed to succeed is an abundance of wildlife, some reasonable weather and some awesome scenery to round out the award winning photographic contest of man versus the wild.




SOLMETA Geotracker (Professional) GPS - The next generation Global Positioning System (GPS) is on order and will be available during future wilderness adventures. This latest tools adds new functionality and accuracy over the earlier first generation model currently in use.