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2006 TSCM | SIGINT News

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. (PDTG) and our Technical Security Branch (TSB) are pleased to announce the following company news items and informational updates as described below.

If you would like additional information about our professional TSCM (debugging) services, products, software or operational capability please contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI at 647-293-7384 at any time.

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Saturday December 30, 2006

Electronic Reporting System (ERS) TM

The Technical Security Branch (TSB) is pleased to announce yet another significant industry first in providing the best possible professional TSCM related services for our sub-contractor and end-user clients across Canada. Our hard copy reports are the best in the industry and have set the standard for many years. Our new ERS format sets the bar even higher and exceeds the high expectations as demanded by our elite list of corporate, government, and military clients across Canada and around the globe.

Thursday November 24, 2006

Cyber Security Review Protocol (CSRP) TM

The Technical Security Branch (TSB) is pleased to announce the addition of our new Cyber Security Review Protocol (CSRP) to our extensive list of Technical Security (TS) services. The TSB has seen an increase in the number of technical compromises relating to personal computers and laptops.

Thursday November 23, 2006

TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) TM

Since January 2000 the Technical Security Branch (TSB) has operated under the TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline        (OS-PPG) and today have received our International Standard Book Number (ISBN) from the Government of Canada.

This is a significant step for the TSB and we look forward to continuing with the on-going development of the only TSCM Standard and clearly sets the TSB apart from all other TSCM service providers worldwide who do not operator under a formal technical standard.

TSB FACT: The TSB is the only organization in North America the provides formal certification training for Technical Security Specialist's (TSS), based on the only known Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG).

Monday October 02, 2006

Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC 2007)

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and the Technical Security Branch (TSB) are pleased to announce the official dates for the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC 2007).

| Tuesday May 15, 2007 | Wednesday May 16, 2007 | Thursday May 17, 2007 |

Please mark these dates on your calendar so that you don't miss the opportunity to attend this important Technical Security (TS) conference. You can visit the CTSC 2007 Web Site at for additional information as it becomes available. Register early to take advantage of the early registration fees.



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