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Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., does not provide Private Investigation or Security Guard related professional services.

Our company provides professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) - (Debugging) services and advanced TSCM certification training for Technical Security Specialists (TSS) and Executive Protection Specialists (EPS).

If you are looking for an investigation or security agency, try one of our select colleagues for your specific requirements or situation.

The following are links directly to the company involved in alphabetical order.

Corporate Investigation Services (CIS)

Since 1988 (CIS) Guy Parent, President has lead Investigative and Specialized Tactical Security services to Canadian corporations whose head offices originate the world over. CIS proudly serves Canadian employer interests with services ranging from employee Fraud, Theft and employment related Abuse. CIS Sensitive Investigation Division leads the field to uncovering drug and substance abuse in the workplace. In addition, its Forensic and Technical Divisions provide the expert support required for court and arbitration evidence in all matters as may be required by Legal Counsel. CIS support the most effectively trained Labor Unrest protection division in Canada. Wherever a Strike or Labor Unrest situation may arise, our company will meet on site to help prepare you in your pre-strike contingency planning efforts and provide you with every contingency service you may require to continue operations.

| Guy Parent | Lambeth Ontario

MKD International Inc.

MKD International Inc. (MKD) is a multifaceted security partnership dedicated to providing a wide range of services to corporate, government and individual clients. With more than 100 years of combined professional investigative and intelligence-related experience, the three principals of the firm, Stephen D. McCormick, Thomas A. Klatt and James S.G. Downs, bring a modern, progressive approach to the security and informational needs of its clients in Canada and abroad. Through strong partnerships, a wide array of contacts and strategic alliances, MKD utilizes an approach to private security that brings independent investigative solutions to serve the diverse needs of its clients. With a resource of over 25 licensed professionals, an extensive range of security related disciplines can be arranged to suit your specific needs.

| Stephen D. McCormick | Concord Ontario

Price-Langevin & Associates Inc.

Price-Langevin & Associates Inc., is an independent, full-service, professional, Security Management, Consulting, Investigative and  Technical Security firm. We specialize in high tech solutions. Our management and staff perform all duties with integrity, ethics, discipline, and confidentiality. Our staff members are each selected for their specialized skills, attention to detail and strong commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We can provide all security services from initial consultation and investigation to final solutions including card access, alarm systems, and closed circuit television systems (CCTV). Price-Langevin & Associates Inc., is the Canadian authorized distributor for the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software.

| John Price | Edmonton Alberta



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