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Business OpportunitiesPDTG Inc., provides TSCM services across Canada...

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is looking to expand its TSCM capabilities and operational umbrella across Canada and internationally.

Our Business Management Team (BMT) would be interested in discussing the possibility of purchasing, merging, or developing a formal business arrangement with the appropriate interested business associates.

The principals of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., under the operational umbrella of our Technical Security Branch (TSB), have a solid thirty (37) years of real experience in providing professional TSCM and related services, advanced certification and equipment operator training, complex spectrum monitoring and direction finding across Canada and internationally.



The Technical Security Branch (TSB) of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is a leader in providing high threat level Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) related professional services for individuals, small to medium business owners, multi-national corporations, government, military, and for operations in support of special events such as Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM) assignments and protective operations.PDTG Inc., are recognized telecommunication security specialists...

  • The TSB is the only TSCM professional service provider in North America that operates under a formal technical security standard and quality assurance protocol for its personnel, equipment resources and professional services.
  • The TSB operates under the TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) TM and the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard.
  • The TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard, is the primary operational document under which the TSB provides our Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designate certification training program.


Basic Requirements

The following requirements will help you better determine whether your company profile meets the basic criteria we are looking for as a starting point for discussion:

  • Our primary business interest is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Counter-Intelligence (CI), Communication Security (COMSEC) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM).
  • We are not looking to take on or become involved with Private Investigation or Security Guard related services, Alarm System installation or Monitoring, nor the sale of so-called spy gadgets and / or devices at the consumer level.
  • However, where a well developed TSCM services division exists within one (1) of the above categories, PDTG Inc., would be interested in discussing the possibility of a formal business relationship with respect to the TSCM services division as a separate entity.
  • We are looking to expand our client base at the corporate level and therefore areTSB Rapid Deployment Tactical Mobile Monitoring and Surveillance Vehicle...interested in businesses that have formal on-going contracts for TSCM services in their area of geographical operation or elsewhere across the country or beyond.
  • The business operation should be well established and have an excellent reputation with the clients for which TSCM services are provided.
  • The above is simply a starting point for discussion and if you have an interest in exploring the possibilities please feel free to approach our Business Management Team (BMT).


Business Management Team (BMT)

Our Business Management Team (BMT) is actively involved many aspects of TSCM Research and Development (R & D), and other areas TSCM industry including the management of the annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

Our desire is to grow our company client base and develop additional business opportunities within our field of expertise.


Business Franchise OpportunitiesAll PDTG Inc., employees are certified Technical Security Specialists (TSS)...

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., has developed and is offering business franchise opportunities within select markets across Canada. Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) is well positioned to provide turn key business opportunities for qualified individuals.

The PDTG brand is recognized as a industry leader and is based on thirty (37) years of professional experience in company management, providing advanced certification training and in developing operational policy, best recommended practices, industry standards and unique methods and operational techniques.

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is currently looking to expand our operations and seek additional business opportunities in the Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Please contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI for Franchise details and other business opportunities.


Technology Investment Opportunity

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is seeking technology based financial partners who might be interested in new technology related investments.

Our project involves the development of an advanced TSCM Signal Intelligence Support System (SISS) specifically designed for the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) function.

Our Kestrel TSCM TM Professional Software was officially released in the second quarter of 2010 and has been referred to as "an industry game changer" by industry professionals.

Our project has now entered the advanced development stage and is steadily moving move forward with both advanced hardware integration and additional software module development with new major software releases every 30 to 90 days to meet rapidly changing threats globally.

Our project requires the integration of advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) digital communication receiver equipment and computer based hardware and software GUI and analysis module integration.



There are only a small number of legitimate TSCM equipment manufacturers world wide and even less of them, that seem to be interested in developing or marketing products in Canada that are technical operator focused.

Product availability, conflict of interest in both defensive and offensive technologies, poor technical support, the lack of accurate product documentation and the lack of design consultation with real world practitioners is a common and unfortunate reality.

There is a large market share to be realized with the development of commercial TSCM specific technology for those interested in innovation and integration of new and in some cases existing technologies.

Professional Development Technology Group, a division of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., has spend years actively researching and reviewing virtually every manufacturers product designs, features, capabilities and limitations and have come to the conclusion that there is plenty of opportunity for new innovation.

We are well positioned to take a leadership role in the development of sophisticated new and rather unique concepts in product design standards and operator centric features and functionality.

Kestrel TSCM Professional Software - Signal Intelligence Support System (SISS)...

Our recently developed and released Kestrel TSCM TM Professional Software has been well received as on-going research and development progresses at a steady development rate.

Our Kestrel TSCM TM Professional Software is a 100% Canadian innovation and does not relay on risky foreign software code or development.

Our strength is in the in-fact that we innovate rather than accept the same methodology and concepts practiced for more than 50 years.

The opportunity for investment by third-party entities in this and other technology advancements is possible on a number of levels.

Please contact Paul D Turner for specific information and details.



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