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PDTG Inc., Company Profile

Welcome to the Technical Security Branch (TSB) of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.

PDTG is one of the most respected technical security service providers in Canada with an extended capability and expertise in delivering and administering Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) at all operational, known and unknown threat levels from the concerns of private individuals to government interests at the national security level.

TSCM includes a wide range of professional services, and includes identifying Technical Security Hazards (TSH) and Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD), both hostile and friendly, that significantly increase the risk of a technical compromise such as traffic analysis, audio eavesdropping, economic espionage and the general compromise of sensitive business and personal information resources.

The function of identifying and neutralizing technical compromise, including electronically assisted eavesdropping, surveillance and espionage activities, requires the implementation and coordination of a series of highly specialized professional services.

Business organizations can operate with confidence when known and sometimes unknown risks are identified and corrective action is taken to minimize the possibility of a Technical Security (TSEC) compromise.

A formal TSEC or TSCM program is essential to the financial viability and overall success of any small and medium business, corporations, manufacturing, commercial and government.

Assessing the level of risk particular to your business operation requires an informed management team and advice of a knowledgeable Technical Security Specialist (TSS) external to the organization.


"Even Industry Experts Use Our Professional TSCM (Debugging) Services..."


Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., provides TSCM (Debugging) services for private residences, vehicles, marine vessels, corporate and charter aircraft, campaign vehicles, special events, business, corporate, government, crown corporations, law enforcement, and military entities across Canada, throughout North America and internationally.

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technical Suveillance DeviceOur website content describes in detail our extensive operational experience, professional services and a wealth of essential supporting information with the objective of educating the end-user client.

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) provides TSB certified Technical Security Specialists (TSS) for all private individual, business, corporate, government, and military clients across Canada, throughout North America and internationally.

When highly sophisticated Ultra Wide Band (UWB) surveillance devices as displayed above are a common reality at the consumer and corporate level, can your business or corporate entity really afford not to have a formal Technical Security (TSEC)program administered by our experienced Technical Security Specialist's (TSS)?

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., specializes in providing professional level and highly innovative Technical Surveillance Countermeasures  (TSCM), Communication Security (COMSEC), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM),  Eavesdropping Detection (Debugging), Counter-Intelligence (CI) related services and advanced certification training.Professional TSCM Services and Training

Selecting the best professional TSCM service provider can be a difficult task given the growing number of sub-par operators with little more than pirated content, menu structures and key words from the websites of a small number of legitimate professional Technical Security (TSEC) operators here in Canada.

PDTG Inc., encourages potential clients to carefully review all aspects of any individual or entity advertising TSCM (Debugging) related services and directly compare what you see with our official website.

In-fact, we strongly encourage you to do your due diligence before contracting any professional service of this nature and importance - You only get one (1) chance to do it right the first time.

Look closely, copycat web sites are easy to spot and are a clear indication that these operators do not have the necessary experience or integrity to be able to provide the required level of expertise for your organization.

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., provides the only advanced TSCM certification (Designate) training available in North America under the operational umbrella of our Technical Security Branch (TSB) TM and our TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM.REI OSCOR BLUE TSCM SPECTRUM ANALYZER 24 GHz

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., literally wrote the book on working industry standards and our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) TM  is the only current operational TSCM (Technical) Standard outside of the highest levels of government and military circles worldwide.Professional Level TSCM Equipment Resources


As an example of our outstanding commitment to providing the highest level of professional service, PDTG Inc., has acquired the only commercial ITAR end-user export license for the (Restricted) REI OSCOR Blue (24 GHz) TSCM Spectrum Analyzer for use in Canada.

The REI OSCOR Blue is listed under the United States Munitions List (USML) and requires an export license under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) per the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) is based on thirty (34+) years of solid operational experience in conducting high-threat level and complex TSCM / CI professional services worldwide for individuals, small to medium business owners, financial and corporation sector, oil and gas industry, mining industry, government, law enforcement, airlines, protective operations support and in a role providing direct operational and training support of military operations for a number of allied countries around the globe.

"Each and every day, Economic Espionage is negatively impacting virtually every business organization in North America and most organizations are totally unaware until it is too late to recover from a devastating financial loss..."

PDTG Inc., provides an extended range of highly specialized "Special Technical Services (STS)" in support of special events, utilizing advanced cellular telephone detection and location technology, protective operations support, and spectrum management and allocation requirements.

PDTG Inc., utilizes the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software - SIgnal Intelligence Support System (SISS) with Threat View Identification (TVI)...

Our Kestrel TSCM TM Professional Software - Threat View Identification (TVI) TM and other advanced functionality offers advanced technical operator functionality that has never been seen before utilizing a wide range of Software Defined Radio (SDR), state of the art surveillance search receivers, taking TSCM spectrum collection, identification and signal analysis to an entirely new and sophisticated level.

"Innovation is Simply the Beginning..."

Our wide range of unique TSCM professional services by far exceed the expectations of our vast and growing client base, due to our experience, commitment, dedication, integrity and confidentiality in providing technical security professional services at all known and developing threat levels worldwide.

PDTG Inc., has developed extensive experience in providing complex TSCM inspections at all threat levels for corporate, charter and commerical aircraft...PDTG Inc., brings significant and essential experience in providing a wide range of professional TSCM related technical security services for private, corporate, commercial and charter aircraft; including the AIRBUS A330, Citation X, FALCON 900, GULFSTREAM, HAWKER and CHALLENGER aircraft.

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) can design, develop and implement a formal technical security program for the above mentioned and other similar aircraft types.

We strongly recommend a combination of both scheduled and periodic technical security inspections when company or charter aircraft and personnel are travelling to and from potentially hostile regions or countries for business or government related business.


Role of the Leader - Brings it All Together and Makes it Happen!

The TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) TM is the industry benchmark that all others will (or should) be judged against when making the due diligence decision to contract professional TSCM services for your company or client.




Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Services

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