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Contact Us - Canada

PDTG is a Canadian Corporation with the capability of providing a wide variety of TSCM related professional services, Technical Security Specialist (TSS) certification training, and advanced TSCM equipment resources around the globe.

The TSB can be contacted (discreetly and confidentially) via our regular mailing address, telephone, or email.

We strongly recommend that you telephone or email from a known secure location when you have reason to believe a compromise may be occurring in your immediate environment to avoid potentially tipping off anyone that might have compromised your communications or work environment.

It is important to avoid discussing your plan to conduct a TSCM inspection, on more than a need to know basis.

Often potential clients delay contacting immediately when there is reason to believe a compromise may being occurring.

Do not delay, time is oftentimes a critical factor in properly identifying, preventing, or ending a serious Technical Security (TS) compromise.

However, do not rush or be forced into hiring a sub-par operator; do your due-diligence and hire a qualified service provider; you are likely going to get one opportunity to do the job right and you don't want an amateur making the situation worse.

Do you have a general question about our TSCM professional services

Do you need information about legitimate professional development training workshops

Do you have an interest in purchasing TSCM equipment?

Do you need more detailed or specific information than is found on our website?

Do you wish to use our professional TSCM related services?

Are you considering attending our advanced TSS certification training?

Contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI at 647-293-7384 for an objective and honest discussion about your technical security requirements and expectations.


Mailing Address Only (Meetings By Appointment Only)

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.
Technical Security Branch (TSB)
5 - 4104 Fairview Street
Suite 319
Burlington Ontario
Canada L7L 4Y8


Telephone Directory

Toronto: (647) 293-7384

Calgary: (403) 812-0737

Ottawa: (613) 903-7577

Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384


E-Mail Directory

Paul D Turner, TSS TSI

President | CEO

Technical Security Specialist (TSS)

Technical Security Instructor (TSI)


Andrzej Wolczanski, TSS

Director Global Technical Operations

Technical Security Specialist  (TSS)


Gabriele Conflitti, TSS

Director Global Operations

Technical Security Specialist  (TSS)



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Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384 | Toronto: (647) 293-7384 | Calgary: (403) 812-0737 | Ottawa: (613) 903-7577

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