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Recognizing the Signs

Before any action can be taken, it is necessary to have an awareness and understanding of the various signs that often indicate that a compromise is occurring, or has previously occurred.

The reality is that there may not be any signs at all to indicate a compromise. It is for this reason that the TSB recommends periodic due diligence inspections as a proactive preventative counter measure.

If you have the uneasy feeling that your private and confidential correspondence, conversations, communications, or other forms of information are not as private as you would like, you may be the victim of one of the many forms of covert electronic or other form of surveillance.

If you have reason to believe your conversations or private information are being compromised, you likely should contact our office and contract our professional TSCM services.

Our experience indicates that many of our clients have had a feeling or other unclear indications that something was wrong, but had little in the way of factual evidence, leading to hesitation in contacting our office until considerable information had been compromised and this become evidence.

At this point the damage has been done and often the eavesdropper is long gone and little can be done to identify the true extent of the loss of critical business or personal information.


Why Contact Our Technical Security Branch (TSB)?

It must be understood that you may observe one (1) or more of the following compromise identifiers and that these may or may not indicate the existence of an actual technical compromise.

Alternately, there may not be any identifiable indications of compromise at all and you may well be compromised.

It is for this reason that a due diligence, pro-active approach in implementing a regular TSCM program is essential to detect, identify, and resolve any potential technical compromises that may exist within your business operation or personal activities.

It is our experience that many clients tend to wait too long when he / she believes that a valid compromise may exist.

We recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible when you have determined that you may have been compromised.

This approach can minimize the loss of personal or business information and perhaps provide peace of mind in knowing whether or not a compromise exists.

Please remember to contact our office from outside the compromised area or facility to avoid tipping off the eavesdropper.

  • Confidential information appears to have become common knowledge beyond mere or reasonably explained coincidence.
  • Others know about specific details of your personal and private business affairs. Please understand that in most true intelligence gathering scenarios, the attacker is not going to allow such clues to become known to the victim of the interception.
  • You experience an unexplained break-in at your residence or business and nothing obvious appears to have been taken. This is the type of situation that should prompt a due diligence TSCM inspection.
  • Door or window locks appear to have been tampered with or left vulnerable, suggesting covert entry may have occurred. This may also be an indication of other types of crime beyond interception of communication.
  • Interference has developed on your television (off air signals, not cable television). There are many other explanations for this occurrence and rarely is it due to eavesdropping devices given the vast amount of RF interference present.
  • A radio has started drifting off frequency or interference has recently developed. There are many other explanations for this occurrence and rarely is it due to eavesdropping devices given the vast amount of RF interference present.
  • Evidence suggests that ceiling tiles or panels have been removed in an office or boardroom setting.
  • Debris or dry-wall powder is observed on the floor or furniture indicating a possible technical compromise.
  • Wall plate covers for telephone, switches, and outlets appear to have been removed and replaced.
  • You notice unusual tones, sounds, or noise (static) on your telephone. Although, this complaint is quite common, it rarely is the result of wire-tapping.
  • You notice changes in the volume or line quality when on the telephone.
  • You detect possible surveillance around your residence or place of business.
  • Information has come to light to suggest illegal electronic (eavesdropping) or monitoring of your personal or business communication may be occurring.
  • Due diligence is the best practice when you feel you are at risk of potential compromise and it is recommended that most business and corporate environments conduct periodic TSCM inspections on monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the perceived threat level encountered.



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