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Common Questions

What to Do if You Are Compromised?

If you believe that you may be the victim of covert electronic surveillance or an intelligence gathering operation relating to a domestic dispute or business venture, there are a number of precautions that must be considered.Local BIX Cross-Connect Vulnerabilities

Steps must be taken to avoid alerting the eavesdropper that you are taking steps to detect their presence, methods, or devices.

Often the victim will talk openly about having the telephones checked, or make comments that he / she believes that there is a bugging device present

 If the eavesdropper is part of the environment they will simply remove the device until after the TSCM inspection has been completed and likely reactivate the device once the sweep inspection is complete.

The Technical Security Branch (TSB) noticed the RF signal (below) while conducting a TSCM inspection of a professional office located in a residential neighborhood.

Upon further investigation, the RF video signal was found to be radiating from the residence next door to the client's property.

The TSB often detects unusual or highly suspicious RF signals during sweeps and inspections totally unrelated to our current sweep assignment.AVCOM PSA-65C Spectrum Analyzer

The covert pinhole spy camera and associated video transmitter was found to be hidden behind a decorative trim, on top of the kitchen cabinets, to monitor room audio and video.

The above eavesdropping device was removed at the request of the somewhat surprised occupant who indicated involvement in a domestic dispute involving child custody.

In another similar investigation our personnel located a device hidden in the client's bedroom.

The device is openly sold in Canada for less than $35.00 (CAD) and transmits a strong RF signal just above the commercial FM band of the radio spectrum.


Avoid Alerting the Eavesdropper

Avoid discussions about your plans to contract our TSCM professional services whenever possible. This can sometimes be difficult when company funds must be allocated for the TSCM services.Network Communication Vulnerabilities

Do not contact our office using a telephone at your place of business or residence.

Do not use FAX machines , as they are not secure.

Contact our office from a pay telephone, or outside the area of potential compromise, utilizing a digital cellular telephone.

The best results are usually obtained when the sweep is scheduled at the earliest possible opportunity consistent with operational security and scheduling considerations.

The longer you wait, the more information you will lose, and the greater the chance that the eavesdropper will discover the client's plan to contract TSCM services and remove the device.


Who Should Be Concerned?Covert Video Transmission - Typical Spy Camera

In our technically advanced society anyone can easily become the target of covert electronic surveillance or an intelligence gathering operation.

Those involved in a domestic, or matrimonial dispute often become the target of electronic eavesdropping by the other spouse, bugging has become an extremely easy and popular method of gathering sensitive, confidential, and personal information on many fronts.

Some individuals and businesses are at considerably greater risk than others due to a wide variety of reasons and circumstances, including a person's profession, financial status, or involvement in domestic related situations, and wide spread labor unrest.LAN Riser Room Vulnerabilities

The Technical Security Branch (TSB) can provide professional TSCM services at all operational threat levels and many different types of unique situations.

The TSB utilizes a wide variety of sophisticated TSCM equipment and techniques to safeguard the privacy of our many clients unique interests.

In response to recent world events, the government has had to prioritize the few resources they have available.


Thus, the government can no longer meet the needs or respond to the individual needs of corporate and business clients working in high profile and vulnerable industries.

Conducting TSCM related services is a mandatory part of doing business in a global environment where the risk of compromise is tremendous and growing at a critical rate.

The following are some examples of actual TSCM situations the TSB has handled during the past (34) years of professional service:

  • Business owners monitoring employee telephones and private work areas.
  • Incidents resulting in identity theft or compromise of personal information.
  • One spouse monitoring the telephone calls of the other during (divorce) domestic situations.
  • Sales managers monitoring sales personnel telephones and work areas.
  • The media monitoring public or controversial or high profile construction projects.
  • Human resources departments monitoring the waiting rooms of potential applicants.
  • Employees monitoring management office telephones.
  • Labour unions monitoring the negotiation process and activities.
  • Lawyers eavesdropping on their clients or the other side of the dispute.
  • Business competitive intelligence related monitoring.Telephone Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
  • Criminal infiltration and terrorist activities.
  • Neighbors eavesdropping or spying on their neighbors.
  • Stalkers eavesdropping on their intended victim.
  • Businesses moving to recently obtained facilities.
  • Hostile mergers and business related takeovers.
  • Research and development scientists and their staff.
  • Involvement in a high stakes bidding war or confidential tenders.
  • People who have access to classified information.
  • People involved in litigation or lawsuit.
  • Politically motivated situations.
  • Volunteer organizations.
  • Religious events and church fund raising administration.
  • Competitive or Olympic sporting events.

The above list is far from inclusive of all of the reasons that client's have contacted the Technical Security Branch (TSB) to conduct one or more of our professional TSCM related services.


What Will it Cost?

The following Technical Security Branch (TSB) professional fee structure for our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services is based on an average risk level and a relatively standard sweep environment and is provided as a general guideline only.

  • Our fee structure is flexible and subject to change without notice.
  • Each sweep assignment will be quoted on an individual basis prior to the inspection - You will always know the cost upfront.
  • For assignments that require extensive travel arrangements, the TSB always provides a full sweep schedule and travel itinerary.
  • The TSB will always provide full disclosure of our professional fees for each phase of the proposed assignment.LAN Room Vulnerabilities

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) will always provide a flat rate professional service fee in advance of the work, so that the client will know exactly what the cost of our professional services will be prior to our arrival.

This flat rate fee will generally be based on the physical size and use of business or residence, and the number of telephone lines / equipment sets that need to be inspected.

The perceived threat level is also an important factor to consider in providing an accurate assessment of our professional fees.

We have developed and firmly believe that a flat rate professional fee is the best policy in most cases, where a formal Professional Service Agreement (PSA) is not in place.

This way you never have to worry about hidden costs and can accurately determine the professional fees to be charged for our services.

Flexibility and provisions for more complex assignments can include alternate billing arrangements. We always provide a full quotation of our services up front.

Additional travel costs and other incidental expenses may apply for out of town or province assignments.

Small Business Office / Residence / Hotel / Meeting Room (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $1,650.00 to $2,250.00 (CAD)

Small Business (Office) Environments; Private Residences; Apartments; Hotel Rooms; Off-Site Meeting Rooms; and Conference or Banquet Rooms; that are typically under 5,000 square feet.

Regional Office / Manufacturing / Industrial (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $1,650.00 to $4,500.00 (CAD)

Larger Business (Office) Environments; that are typically between 5,000 - 25,000 square feet.

Corporate / International / Overseas Offices (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $1,850.00 to $6,500.00 (CAD)

Corporate (Business) Environments; involving sensitive proprietary information; Research and Development (R & D) activities; trade secrets; and international and overseas operations.

Government / Military / Law Enforcement (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $3,500.00 to $7,500.00 (CAD)

High Threat-Level Government Offices or Facilities; military facilities, embassy and consulate buildings; and high threat-level overseas business interests; and organized travel delegations.

Vehicles / Marine Vessels / Aircraft (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $1,650.00 to $8,500.00 (CAD)

Automobiles utilized for secure transportation; political campaign vehicles, marine vessels; and other private; corporate; government; or chartered aircraft.

Site Survey / RF Interference / Signal Propagation (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $2,500.00 to $7,500.00 (CAD)

RF Site Survey / Spectrum Management / Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) analysis; evaluations for large and complex geographically isolated areas often associated with the oil and gas industry, mining sector; and secure research facilities.

Kestrel Defined Monitoring (KDM) TM (Guideline Only)

Flat Rate: $2,500.00 to $7,500.00 (CAD)

Rapid deployment monitoring in advance of; or immediately following a professionally conducted technical security inspection; is an essential best practice in today's current global threat environment.

Our Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG) have developed a sophisticated RF monitoring and collection Software Defined Radio (SDR) system.

Security / Investigation Agencies / Lawyers / Insurance CompanyHP-8562A High Performance (50 GHz) Spectrum Analyzer

In addition to private security and investigation agencies, security consultants, law firms, and insurance providers; alarm installers, CCTV, access control and  system integrators and many others can benefit from our Sub-Contractor Program (SCP).

Due to the specialized nature of TSCM / CI related professional services, the Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and the Technical Security Branch (TSB) extends our extensive experience and operational capability on a sub-contract basis to private security and / or investigation agencies who may wish to offer (professional level) TSCM / CI services to their clients, but perhaps lack the technical expertise, equipment and training required to do so on their own.

TSCM is not a do it yourself project given the high stakes commonly involved in the corporate and business world. Never gamble with your client's security posture by engaging sub-par services and the inferior equipment that is often utilized by these persons with virtually no training or experience.

Fiber-Optic Communication VulnerabilitiesPlease understand the we are not a private security or investigation service and therefore are not your competitor.

We work extremely hard to ensure that the end-user client receives the best possible technical services and advice.

By sub-contracting the vast array of highly specialized technical services that we offer, will bring credibility to your agency or organization.

The TSB has (34) years of real world experience and owns the most sophisticated test and measurement equipment resources available in providing TSCM, COMSEC, ECM, EMSEC, SIGINT, Counter-Espionage, Counter-Surveillance (CS) and Counter-Intelligence (CI) related professional services for all known and developing, low, medium, and high threat level assignments across Canada and internationally.

PDTG Inc., is the only TSCM service provider with a formal Quality Assurance Review Protocol (QARP) TM with documented self-audits and professional accountability standards.

In-fact, we have the best reputation in the industry for quality professional services and reports that are second to none on the industry.

Contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI at the Technical Security Branch (TSB) to learn more about the many benefits of our Sub-Contractor Program (SCP) and learn how we can help expand your company operations into this highly technical field with little more than a telephone call to our office.



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