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TSB Statistical Information

Have you ever had the uneasy feeling that your private and confidential correspondence, conversations, communications, or other forms of sensitive information were not as private as you would like?RF Analog Spectrum Analyzer

If so, you may be the victim of one of the many difference forms of covert surveillance, electronic harassment, audio or visual eavesdropping, espionage or the target of an intelligence-gathering operation.

It is our experience at the Technical Security Branch (TSB) that most people who have reason to question whether or not they have justification to be concerned - Do in fact have reason to be concerned!

During the past thirty (35) years TSB personnel have conducted Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) sweeps, and Counter-intelligence Surveys numbering in the thousands, with the following statistical results.

In 22% of these inspections, one (1) or more actual functioning electronic devices were discovered and removed by our Technical Security Specialists (TSS), or we were able to verify a non-electronic compromise of confidential proprietary information.

Of this 22%, 8% were of a domestic nature, 13% were related to business interests or corporate affairs, and 1% were related to covert vehicle tracking technology or Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB).BIX Distribution Frame

  • In 22% of the inspections, positive proof was discovered to indicate a device was present or had been removed prior to the investigation, or strong evidence suggested that a real compromise had indeed taken place.
  • In 23% of the inspections the loss of information appeared real, however no specific evidence was discovered to confirm that a compromise had actually taken place. However, In 12% of these cases the client indicated making the call to our office from a area of compromise or discussing his / her suspicions with others.
  • In 31% of the inspections conducted, no compromise could be proven and no evidence was discovered to confirm any compromise had taken place. However, in 19% of these inspections, the investigation was initiated by the client as a preventative measure, usually without any specific reason for initiating the investigation, other than due diligence.
  • In 24% of all inspections conducted, it appeared that the client's suspicions were unfounded, or as the result of a paranoid mind, often created by other events of coincidence.

In our best estimation, it would also appear that in approximately 67% of the TSCM services preformed by our Technical Security Specialists (TSS), the client was not totally forthcoming as to the real reason for contracting our services, and therefore the actual risk could not be properly identified or established.

It should also be noted that our Technical Security Specialists (TSS) identified potential compromises in 100% of these TSCM inspections and provided recommendations to correct and improve the technical security posture of the target facility, area or residential property.

BIX Station Set Distribution FrameCovert surveillance may be electronic in nature or by a wide range of intelligence gathering techniques.

In fact, both of these methods are widely used in domestic spying, stalking incidents, gaining a business competitive advantage (internal or external, labor related disputes, or dissatisfied or disgruntled employees hoping to gain an edge within the workplace environment.

It is strongly recommended that all business environments regardless of size or perceived risk, consider a monthly or quarterly TSCM inspection schedule as part of a long term due diligence program with respect to the identification of technical security concerns and potential compromises.

In fact, when proprietary information or Research and Development (R&D) is a factor, various insurance policies require such inspections to be conducted in order to remain in force.



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