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Sub-Contractor Program

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., through its Technical Security Branch (TSB) can provide professional TSCM related services to an approved list of sub-contractors, who have professional relationships with their clients, that require TSCM services.PDTG Inc., provides TSCM professional services from coast to coast across Canada

Our sub-contractor program allows the sub-contract company to bring the extensive equipment resources, years of specialized training, experience, and expertise in providing TSCM related professional services to their individual clients.

The sub-contract company can either inform the client the work is being done by the TSB, or the TSB can work under the sub-contractor's operational umbrella.

In any case all reports and invoices identify only the sub-contractor company. All client contact is accomplished via the sub-contractor unless other arrangements are made that dictate direct contact.

Private Investigation and Security agencies, alarm dealers, security consultants, IT managers, property managers, lawyers, police officers, accountants, and a wide range of other professional relationships can prove beneficial for the sub-contract company and the end user.

The TSB also provides professional services to a wide variety of sub-contractors that for any number of reasons do not have the operational experience, equipment resources, or training to conduct TSCM services in-house.Examples of Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD)

Wisely, these private investigation and security agencies choose to create a professional relationship with our Technical Security Branch (TSB) to provide their many clients with the highest level of professional service possible.

We would like to take this opportunity let you know about the Technical Security Branch (TSB), a division of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.

This division of our company incorporates our former research and development activities, and our Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) professional services all under one operational umbrella.The technical compromise of modern VoIP, LAN, and TELCOM Network equipment has become a serious problem

The TSB enables our company to better serve our vast array of sub-contractors and end-user clients, and concentrate our focus in the areas of TSCM, Technical Security and Counter-Intelligence functions.

PDTG Inc., only provides TSCM related professional services and training.

We are not a Private Investigation or Security Guard agency.

Many of our clients have experienced an alarming trend over the past several years with regards to the number and type of functional electronic devices used for information gathering and technical security compromise.

There is also a wide variety of non-electronic methods of compromise directed toward corporations and governments as well as individual interests.

A second and arguably, more disturbing trend has also emerged over the past several years and involves less than reputable individuals / companies taking advantage of the increase in the need for technical surveillance countermeasure services.

The lack of knowledge most clients, sub-contract agencies and end-users have in this area makes them unfortunate targets for extremely poor, sub par services offered by individuals utilizing cheap ineffective equipment with virtually no training or real experience.

The TSB delivers a means by which these aforementioned trends can be addressed.

The TSB offers (30+) years of experience in the TSCM, technical security and counter intelligence fields respectively.PDTG Inc., utilizes higher specialisted Antenna Probes to identify highly sophisticated compromises the competition has never heard about...

We utilize the most sophisticated up-to-date, state of the art, fully computerized equipment available today and are constantly upgrading our equipment, physical search and investigative techniques in keeping with changes and advancements in technology that might lead to a potential compromise for our clients.

We have been the source of training for law enforcement, government and military personnel as well as private sector personnel.

We have a reputation second to none for our professionalism, knowledge, ethical principles and services provided.

Since the launch of the TSB we are even better prepared to offer an entirely new level of professional technical security products and services.

We understand that Counter-Intelligence (CI) and TSCM related services require special knowledge and skills not readily available in-house as well as a rather large operational budget to accommodate equipment purchases, regular equipment servicing and upgrading, and employee costs.ITAR Restricted REI OSCOR Blue (24 GHz) Spectrum Analyzer

Liability is yet another major concern facing companies attempting to offer TSCM related services on their own.

However, with the increase in awareness and demand in this highly specialized area, a company / agency that does not offer counter-intelligence and or TSCM services in-house or, if those services offered are not of the highest quality, run the risk of not only looking inadequate, but also risk having customers going to other companies / agencies for those services.

At this point losing both existing and potential clients all together becomes a very real concern.

With this in mind the TSB has developed a complete technical security sub-contract service program.

Our program is quite simple, there is no need to purchase, service or upgrade equipment, hire technical personnel or be concerned that your company is not qualified to answer the client’s questions or meet their unique TSCM requirements.

When technical security services are required by your client, you call us and we will either do the rest, always under your direction, or provide the necessary information to you so that your agency personnel can effectively implement our services.

We will schedule the appointment, meet and consult with the client or your representative, and provide all required services.

Upon completion we will provide a verbal on-site report to the client along with both written and photographic reports to your office within a 24 - 48 hour time frame, all under the umbrella of your corporate or agency name.

Our reports indicate TSB only with no reference to our agency. You will only need to attach a cover letter to the report prior to forwarding it to your client.

To make the incorporation of TSCM services even easier we can also provide the necessary selling tools such as brochures and literature to help educate your clients and personnel, all with your company name and logo.

We have developed and believe that a flat rate professional fee is the best policy in most cases, so you never have to worry about hidden costs and you can accurately gage your professional fees to be charged to your client.

We always provide a full quotation of our professional service fees up front.

If you already provide TSCM related services in-house we might also be of assistance.

We provide advanced TSCM certification training programs and security / investigation agency familiarization workshops to ensure you are using the most advanced equipment and are fully trained in the operation of the equipment while adding the credibility of professional certification.

The TSB can also provide a full range of TSCM related consulting services for specialty areas that you may require assistance in. With all of our programs, technical support is included to keep you up and running at all times.

At the TSB we operate with the highest moral and ethical standards and you can be assured that we will, under no circumstances, ever disclose any information that is provided to us with regards to your client or company information.

We will also, under no circumstances, ever contact directly, any of your clients unless instructed to do so by you.

Your clients are just that, your clients, and will always be treated as such before, during and after any services are provided by the TSB.

We will immediately notify you of any potential conflict of interest.

We not only assure you of this, we guarantee it!

You can be confident that working with the TSB will allow you to offer a full range of TSCM and counter-intelligence services that are of the highest standards in the industry adding credibility and integrity to your organization.

Whether or not you currently offer TSCM or Counter-Intelligence (CI) services the Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., Technical Security Branch (TSB) has a business development opportunity that will enhance both your credibility and productivity as well attract additional business clients.

Attached you will find further detailed information on sub-contract professional fees, equipment utilized and services performed along with detailed information on our various training, business development and reseller programs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, thoughts or ideas you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential business opportunities with your organization.

We would be pleased to arrange a meeting to discuss our services or an equipment familiarization briefing either at your facility.

If you are interested in gaining better insight about our customer focused TSCM sub-contractor program, contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI for information.



Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Services

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