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TSS (Designate) Certification Training

Our Technical Security Specialist (TSS) TM Certification (Designate) Program consists of 120 hours of online self-directed (Basic Level) training and an additional 120 hours (14 days) at our Resident Training Centre (RTC).

TSCM Practical TrainingThe training is divided into one (1) self-directed online (Basic Level) and two (2), (Intermediate Level and Advanced Level), full-time training phases that are combined into a "learning intensive" two (2) week program and includes both a practical and written examination to round out the initial training requirements.

Our program is run in a full-time resident format and includes all meals, private accommodation, training and excellent course materials delivered on a customized PC based computer that enhances the already excellent training experience.

Participants arrive at the RTC on Sunday afternoon and begin training the following morning.

Both daytime and evening classes are scheduled to maximize the number of actual training hours available.

It is strongly recommended that participants attend the entire program (Intermediate / Advanced) levels ratherPDTG Resident Training Centre (RTC) than attending each training phase separately.

This approach allows for greater content retention and continuity of training than is experienced when each of the three (3) training phases are attended separately.

Our TSS designate certification program is the only TSCM program of this type and focus in North America and beyond.

Our real world TSCM program criteria is based on the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM and the TSCM Operational Standard - Policy and Procedure Guideline (OS-PPG) TM as developed during the past 30+ years under the operational umbrella of the Technical Security Branch (TSB).

Our resident based program allows participants extensive hands-on practical training on sophisticated TSCM equipment resources and experience real world applications.

Our instructors are highly experienced Technical Security Specialists (TSS) TM with more that a quarter century of on the job experience in conducting professional TSCM and Counter-Intelligence inspections at all known and developing operational threat levels.


Basic LevelPDTG Resident Training Centre (RTC)

The Basic Level consists of a combination of classroom training at our Resident Training Centre (RTC) and online self-directed 120 hours of training training that can be completed after attending the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level training conducted at our Resident Training Centre (RTC).


Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level consists of seven (7) full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at the Resident Training Centre (RTC).


Advanced Level

The Advanced Level consists of seven (7) full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at the Resident Training Centre (RTC).


Master Level

Our Master Level consists of ten (10) full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) at the Resident Training Centre (RTC).


Please visit the TSS (Designate) Certification Training Web Site for additional information about our resident  based program.

TSS (Designate) Certification Training



Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Services

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