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TSB Virtual MuseumNorthern Electric Telephone Test Unit

The TSB has acquired an impressive collection of telecommunication test equipment, historical telephones, books, manuals and TSCM equipment artifacts over the years and hope to eventually establish a permanent TSB Telecommunications and Electronics Museum in the near future and place these important historical artifacts on permanent display.

Currently, the TSB sponsors the TSB Telecommunications and Electronics Museum during the Annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) and will be developing the TSB Virtual Museum online for everyone to enjoy year round.

We are always looking for additional artifacts for our museum and if you would like to donate your OLD unwanted TSCM or telephone related equipment, books or manuals, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Please contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI at 647-293-7384


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Services

Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384 | Toronto: (647) 293-7384 | Calgary: (403) 812-0737 | Ottawa: (613) 903-7577

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