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TSB Operational (Geographical) Area

The TSB provides professional level TSCM / CI services locally, nationally, or internationally designed to meet the client's specific operational requirements.Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is one of the few TSCM operators with the ability to conduct TSCM verification testing on complex fiber-optic based systems...

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., routinely conducts technical security inspections across Canada, maintaining continuity of service for corporate and government clients who maintain an active presence across the country.

Please note that we do not sub-contract our technical services to non-qualified local agencies with hopelessly out out of date technical resources or knowledge like many of our so-called competitors.

Too much is at stake for your company or organization, in allowing untrained operators into the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of your facility.

Contact Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., to help guide you through the dangerous shark infested waters of sub-par operators who will do little more than further degrade your overall security posture.


The image to the right above clearly indicates the complexity of modern telecommunication fiber-optic systems and the complex vulnerabilities that are well beyond the detection ability or inspection level of virtually all of the so-called operators or security services providers across the country...

This means in all cases the client is dealing with the actual technical personnel at all times, bringing accountability and reduced liability to your organization.

Our certified in-house Technical Security Specialists (TSS) complete assignments across Canada utilizing knowledgeable, well trained, TSB certified and highly experienced personnel who have the most up to date TSCM equipment resources available.



Canada Wide

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Counter Intelligence (CI) related professional services across Canada from coast to coast.PDTG Inc., can verify the integrity of all telephone network equipment and wiring...

This level of service is an important element to consider when coordination and continuity of service is essential to maintaining the highest standard of professional TSCM related services in an inter-connected world of telecommunication security.

The TSB is specifically organized to handle this level of response to our client's Technical Security (TS) needs during Labour negotiations or disruptions, crisis events, and many other specific situations where technical security may be a critical factor. Due diligence is always a factor and the best TSCM program involves periodic inspections company wide.

There is great strategic value and continuity of service when external TSCM professionals conduct inspections at various company facilities across the country.


TSB Global OperationsComplex telecommunincation networks require highly experienced and skilled TSCM operators...

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) maintains the capability of providing professional TSCM / CI services on a global basis, meeting the Technical Security (TS) requirements of our client's national and multi-national business operations within the oil and gas, mining, financial, insurance, corporate, government, and manufacturing sectors who typically have extensive business operations around the globe.PDTG Inc., conducts basic, intermediate and advanced level certification training on virtually all TSCM equipment resources...

Typically, corporate operations, manufacturing, and other organizations will have complex inter-connected telecommunication and computer networks that are considerably more vulnerable given the distance and network appearance points as cyber signals transverse the globe.

These connections provide many opportunities for potential compromise and including multi-national facilities in the overall TSCM inspection program is an absolute necessity in maintaining due diligence and minimizing corporate liability.



Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Services

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