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Professional TSCM Equipment Resources

PDTG Inc., is firmly committed to finding the best technical resources available based on many individual factors that must be considered, given the wide range of capabilities and limitations of each and every TSCM equipment resource currently on the market including our own engineered TSCM products.

There is a tool for every TSCM job function and the right combination of equipment resources is absolutely essential. PDTG Inc., will source the best possible combination of equipment resources for your specific operational requirements and budget.

PDTG Inc., provides basic, intermediate and advanced operational level Technical Security (TSEC) training for your organization at all operational threat levels with the only Technical Security Specialist (TSS) TM advanced resident based certification designate program available or with a customized training program specific to you agency or organization.

Our vast experience with virtually every technical resource available during the past 35 years of operational experience, allows PDTG Inc., to provide an unprecedented level of experience in ensuring that our client's have access to and purchase the best equipment resources and training for the perceived threat level and individual job responsibilities in an ever changing threat environment, taking into consideration available budget and a wide range of additional and often unique factors.

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., provides sales, operational support and advanced training options for government, military, private and corporate security, law enforcement, in-house physical security teams and individuals working at all known and developing threat levels across Canada and internationally.

Our Technical Security Branch (TSB) is one of the most respected technical security sources for professional level equipment resources and advanced training solutions.

Contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI at 647-293-7384

Technical Security Specialist (TSS) TM Designate Certification Program (Canada)

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., provides the only Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Designate Certification Program based on the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard in the world and our standard has a proven track record dating back to January 01, 2015 when our first TSS program was formally introduced.

Our program is a 14-day resident based training program and includes basic, intermediate and advanced certification training, electronic based course materials, meals and accommodation.

Our certification training is conducted at our TSB Residence Training Centre (RTC) in Cornwall Ontario, Canada.

Sales Inquiries

For information about our Business Development Training Plan (BDTP), Equipment Training Operator Certificate (ETOC) program, or for details relating to our 14-day resident based, Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Designate Certification Program, please contact Paul D Turner, TSS TSI by email or telephone at 647-293-7384.




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