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Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Designate Certification Program

The protection of private and confidential information has become, and remains a major concern over the past decade as the technological and advanced transmission of often vitally sensitive information has become common place in our society.

This has opened up many new technology compromises and vulnerabilities that can directly and indirectly effect every person, business, corporation and government entity.

The interception, theft, and sabotage of business and personal information has resulted in a significant demand for professional technical operators with years of experience, to protect assets.

Economic espionage is now the leading reason for lost business opportunities, followed by company financial instability, often leading to the failure of an otherwise successful business enterprise.

Specialized training, employee awareness, extensive operational experience, a highly structured technical security program and real-world on-going certification is recognized as the minimum standard for those tasked with conducting complex Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) inspections any all operational threat levels.

Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Certification

"Ninety-Five (95%) Percent of Technical Operators offering TSCM sweep services are NOT operating in the top Five (5%) Percent of Industry Standards - TSS Certification Extends Your Professional Credibility..."

Rapid technology advancement has created a situation where information compromises involve significant and immediate consequences for those responsible for the protection of workplace and business related information at all operational threat levels.

Electronic based surveillance technology has advanced at a rate far beyond the average person's ability to understand the complex technology behind the simplistic Graphical User Interface (GUI) that the average individual must often interact.Anritsu MS2721A/25 Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

This complex problem has created the demand for highly trained technical security professionals referred to as Technical Security Specialists (TSS) TM as designated under our TSS (Designate) Certification training program.

Participants attend our Resident Training Centre (RTC) to complete the (Basic), (Intermediate Level), and (Advanced Level) training consisting of 120 hours of extensive instructor lead classroom and practical application training in a 14-day full-time (resident) based program to complete the certification training.

Upon completion of the TSS (Designate) Certification Program participants will complete a rather unique research based final examination process adding an additional 10 hours to the program for a total of 120 hours of professional level training.

Our resident based TSS (Designate) Certification Program includes all daily meals, a continuous daily refreshment and snack break service during the training day, individual private accommodation with wireless Internet access throughout the facility, exceptional course instructional materials delivered on a PC based notebook computer, TSS (Designate) Certification Examination Process (CEP) and TSS Designate (Certification) credentials based on the successful completion of our Technical Security Specialist (TSS)  program that includes the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level TSCM training phases providing participants access to unique professional resources and tools.

Upon successfully meeting the initial requirements for the Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designate certification status; and upon reaching the prerequisite hours of experience and other certification requirements as established by the Technical Security Branch (TSB), TSS designates may attend our Master Technical Security Specialist (MTSS) TM designate program.

Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) facility and advanced training concept attracts participants from around the globe who recognize the incredible value of resident based training that is conducted by highly experienced Technical Security Specialist's (TSS) and Technical Security Instructor's (TSI).


Developing Professional Credibility

A lifetime of continual professional growth and development; especially in the field of physical and technical security is an absolute necessity.

Every TSCM inspection is a new learning opportunity, no matter how much experience and training the technical operator may have logged.

Technical Security Specialist (TSS) functions have expanded at a tremendous rate over the past 20 to 30 years.

No longer just a “bug guy” or a corporate security function, technical security encompasses everything from planning the TSCM approach to oftentimes advising and reporting directly to the CEO or corporate counsel.

Very few people within the actual corporate environment or organization have the ear of the CEO, let alone the oftentimes direct unrestricted access that the TSS will have cultivated over time, given the sensitivity of the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) role.

Successful and profitable companies of all sizes recognize that an external and therefore fresh and objective TSCM approach must be included at the highest strategic planning and operational levels of the organization.

Are you prepared to contribute at that level?

Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designate certification is just the beginning and constant, on-going continuing education is the key to your continued professional success once the initial training is completed.

"Certification is not Yet Experience - It is a Starting Point..."

This concept is essential; not only as a means of fulfilling recertification requirements, but as a guarantee that you will be knowledgeable about the most recent developments, methods and techniques within our field as practicing technical security professionals.

In addition to the standard best practices and extensive knowledge base required, we are now expected to be able to understand the inner-workings of complex telecommunications and computer networking resources that neither the client or even a group of engineers would fully understand at a glance, as well as assess our client's corporate security structure, vulnerabilities, and contribute to the overall corporate security posture in a meaningful and effective way.

All of this is above and beyond, being well versed in the actual operations of your client's company, knowing what the company does and how it is accomplished.

If you are not currently TSS TM designate certified, you should consider the benefits of TSS certification.

If you are already TSS TM designate certified, what are you doing to maintain and gain recertification credits?

Have you considered the next step in your professional growth?

If you are level IV certified, what are you doing to reach level III accreditation.

What about attending TSS TM recertification credit programs or the annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) for addition professional development and networking opportunities.TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)

Is there something you can do to mentor someone new to the technical security profession?

Perhaps you could write a subject matter paper to share with the membership of the Canadian Technical Security Professional Association (CTSPA) or present a subject matter presentation at the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

There are excellent opportunities for those that wish to succeed.

As TSCM professionals, we are currently enjoying a level of professional respect and credibility never before achieved.

Well, at least some of us are!

It is our responsibility to do all we can to continue to deserve that respect and discourage the sub-par operators that are present in every industry; ours included.

There are two (2), well actually three (3) types of Technical Security professionals in my view: those that plug along day-to-day, performing technical inspections while simply maintaining the status quo and those that strive to excel and stretch ourselves on a regular basis to contribute at higher and more professional levels and there are those that just don't care, as it is all about the money!

Who do you want to be?


TSB Certification Extends Your Professional Credibility

Our resident based TSS TM certification training allows for an extensive hands-on approach under the guidance of experienced TSB certified instructors and real-world TSCM operators with more than (34+) years of experience in conducting high threat level TSCM inspections for individuals, corporations, government and military clients worldwide.

Participants have the unique opportunity to utilize some of the most sophisticated TSCM equipment resources available, learn how to deploy and utilize equipment supplied by his / her company or agency and log extensive hands-on interactive problem solving exercises in an informal and relaxed classroom environment.

Along with our spacious and comfortable classroom setting, realistic real world exercises are conducted in our special project room.

Our special project room is setup as a typical executive boardroom and contains many real world compromises for participants to detect, identify and analyze.

Participants also conduct a full deployment exercise as part of the (qualification) for TSS certification and serves as the practical element portion of the final Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designate certification examination.


Business Development

Our Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) is another industry first for Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and combines advanced (designate) certification training with the purchase of a wide variety of sophisticated TSCM equipment resources that are individually selected based on budget and threat level.

Operator Certification - OSCOR 5000EThe Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) allows participants to receive advanced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Certification (Designate) Training and equipment operator certification on the actual equipment resources that will then be utilized in the field by the TSS.

The Technical Security Branch (TSB), operated by Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., can provide direct sales or assist with the purchase of professional level TSCM equipment resources from all of the major manufacturers.

We are not manufacturer specific and will find the best mix of equipment resources for each individual participant based on his / her actual field related assignments and experience level as well as the intended deployment requirements.

Our policy is simple, find the most cost effective option that will satisfy the threat level faced by the organization or individual Technical Security Specialist (TSS).


Business Development Training Plan (BDTP)



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