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TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)

Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) fosters a pleasant, convenient, and enjoyable learning experience without the usual on the job training related distractions.

Participants attend an adult learning centre with state-of-the-art classrooms located in the centre of a 75 acre, park like setting.

TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)Our facility is located south of the nations capital in Cornwall Ontario along the St. Lawrence River.

In fact, the RTC is located at the foot of the St. Lawrence River providing seasonal recreation and amazing scenery.

Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) location allows for international and out of province participants to fly into the Ottawa International Airport.

Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) is approximately a 45 minute drive from the Ottawa airport by rental vehicle, or prearranged shuttle.

Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) is more than just the largest conference centre in South-Eastern Ontario, it is a state-of-the-art learning centre, designed for success.

Our RTC includes 500+ fully equipped guest rooms and 24-hour guest services, on-site meals and dining options (included in tuition), first rate indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, including a well appointed fitness centre and gym, 25-metre swimming pool, and on-site spa services.TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)

There is a continuous daily coffee, tea, refreshment and snack service during the training, allowing for regular short breaks throughout the training day.

The geographical location of our RTC is convenient from major transportation hubs across Canada and internationally.

The Resident Training Centre (RTC) is located on a secluded 75 acres of pristine parkland.

When you end your search for professional TSCM certification training, you can start your certification process with complete confidence.

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and the Technical Security Branch (TSB) believes that no training or certification program can achieve success without the right venue, equipment and qualified instructors.

TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC)Our Resident Training Centre (RTC) allows participants to focus on learning without the need for travel to and from training each day, or worrying about meals, and accommodation.

High speed Internet access is available at the RTC and computer workstations are also available giving participants access to the the Internet and web based e-mail accounts.

Everything is conveniently located under one roof in a safe, highly secure facility, and a first rate training environment.Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. - Resident Training Centre (RTC)...

Many participants have expressed amassment at the size and scope of the TSB Resident Training Centre (RTC), and all it has to offer all under one roof.

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is the leader in providing quality Technical Security (TSEC) training, and in delivering operational team reviews and assessments.

Our unique ability to adapt to current and developing real-world technical compromises in virtually real-time, and bring this information into the classroom and training lab environment, is second to none.

Our ability to develop new methodology, and abandon out-dated thinking of days gone by, has allowed our Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG) TM and our in-house instructional team, to develop concepts that are scalable and adaptable, and unattainable by others.



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