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TSS Designate Certification Program

Our Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Designate Certification Program consists of 120 hours (14 days) at our Resident Training Centre (RTC) and isTSB Resident Training Centre (RTC) Classroom divided into three (3) specific training phases.

Our TSS program is run in a full-time 14-day resident format, and includes all meals, private accommodation, training, and excellent course materials.

Participants arrive at the RTC and check in to private accommodations on Sunday afternoon.

Check-in time is Sunday at 1600 hours, and participants begin the actual training the following morning (Monday) at 0830 hours.

Meals and accommodation are all provided on-site and participants attend a mix of daytime and evening classes to maximize the number of actual training hours.Analog and Digital Telephone Analysis Training

It is strongly recommended that participants attend the entire certification program (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced) levels rather than attending each training phase separately.

This dedicated approach allows for greater individual content retention and continuity of training, given the interrelationship between the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced phases of the program.

This approach also allows instructors to modify or adjust the pace and content of the program to accommodate participants with perhaps less or greater experience levels.

Participants have the opportunity to work with both analog and digital telephone systems and sophisticated countermeasures equipment resources such as the REI TALAN and other advanced tools of the trade.


Basic LevelHP / Agilent 8562A Spectrum Analyzer (50 GHz)

The Basic Level consists of the first three (3) actual full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday).

The focus during the Basic Level provides participants with a basic understanding of the TSS Designate certification process, and provides a detailed overview of the essential basic TSCM skills and operational considerations required to successful conduct Technical Security (TS) inspections.

The Basic Level also and provides a fundamental introduction of the basic electrical principles and electronics theory and application, as well as the essential elements of test and measurement.

It is important to note that participants will be introduced to a wide variety of professional level TSCM equipment resources during the resident based training.

We firmly believe that working with equipment resources of different types and models is essential to a proper training environment.


Intermediate Level

PDTG TSS Program Resident Training Centre - ClassroomThe Intermediate Level consists of four (4) full days of training (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

The focus of the Intermediate Level provides participants with a solid operational overview of the many different aspects of TSCM related equipment resources.

Understanding the capabilities and perhaps more importantly, the limitations of the wide range of TSCM related equipment available from the leading manufacturers is an essential element of our TSS Designate certification program.

The Intermediate Level also provides an introduction to the operational aspects of utilizing the actual TSCM related equipment resources in a controlled classroom environment.

It is at this stage that any equipment resources purchased under our Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) are introduced, allowing participants to gain experience and familiarization of the equipment resources that they will take with them and utilize in the field after the training.

This "hands-on" component of our program allows participants to better understand the different types of information displayed and to analyze the responses in a controlled real-world training environment.

The TSB utilizes both actual Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD) and sophisticated RF microwave signal generators to provide participants with real-world signals for detection, identification, analysis and location.


Advanced Level

The TSS Advanced Level consists of the last seven (7) full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).IFR A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer (1 GHz)

The focus of the Advanced Level provides participants with the more complex  advanced theory and operational principles of conducting complex TSCM / Counter-Intelligence and Technical Security (TS) related inspections under real-world conditions.

Participants are challenged with realistic hands-on practical exercises and conduct actual technical inspections and evaluations of our special target rich project rooms.

This practical element of the program allows participants to apply the theoretical and operational principles that have been developed throughout the TSS (Designate) Certification training and prepare them for the final Certification Examination Process (CEP)


Master TSS (Program Now Available!)

Our Master Level consists of ten (10) full days of training (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Our TSS Master Level Program (prerequisites apply) consists of 100 hours (10 days) at our resident Training Centre (RTC) and has been developed specifically for seasoned professionals with extensive (logged) experience.

Participants must meet the TSB (TSS) Level I requirements and have logged in excess of the 5000 hours of actual TSB accredited logged experience.

Participants for this program will typically have between 5000 and 10,000 hours of actual sweep experience as defined in the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard.

Our MTSS designation requires that the participant reach the required experience requirement of 10,000 hours and have met all other TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard TM requirements.



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