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Business Development Training Plan (BDTP)

PDTG Resident Training Centre (RTC)The TSB offers a TSCM Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) TM designed to provide a turn-key business opportunity for government, corporate, private investigation / security agencies, and individuals wishing to provide professional TSCM related services in-house for their employers, or start their own TSCM related business.

Our BDTP program provides basic, intermediate and advanced level Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designate certification training, including operator certification for the included professional level TSCM equipment resources.

Our BDTP program also includes technical support package for one (1) full year following the completion of the training program.


TSS (Designate) Certification TrainingTSB Resident Training Centre (RTC) Special Project Room

Participants must attend all three (3) phases of the Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Certification program as part of the Business Development Training Plan (BDTP).

The TSCM equipment package as individually selected by participants, will be introduced during the Intermediate Level of the Certification training.

  • Technical Security Specialist (TSS) - Basic Level
  • Technical Security Specialist (TSS) - Intermediate Level
  • Technical Security Specialist (TSS) - Advanced Level
  • Master Technical Security Specialist (MTSS) - Master Level


TSCM Equipment Resources

Participants may elect to purchase professional level TSCM equipment resources as part of the Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) and receive formal operator training and certification on the actual equipment purchased that later will be utilized in the field after the program.

This is an important training and certification concept and maximizes the success of our unique Technical Security Specialist (TSS) program.

  • Basic Entry Level - TSCM Equipment Resources Package
  • Corporate Level - TSCM Equipment Resources Package
  • Professional Level - TSCM Equipment Resources Package

Please discuss with PDTG Inc., the suitability and best equipment package based on your intended level of technical inspections, budget, capabilities and limitations.


TSB Technical Support

The TSB also provides limited technical support to participants of the Business Development Training Plan (BDTP).

This is accomplished by either electronic mail or telephone for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion of the program.

Additional technical support beyond the first year may be purchased at an additional cost.


BDTP Annual Refresher Program

PDTG Resident Training Centre (RTC)Participants of the Business Development Training Plan (BDTP) are eligible to participate in our BDTP Annual Refresher Program hosted by the TSB (at an additional cost).

Participants who attend the TSB annual refresher program will automatically receive an additional one (1) year of limited TSB Technical Support.

Our Annual Refresher program involves three (3) full days of advanced training at our Resident Training Centre (RTC), or some elements of the program may be accomplished online at the TSS Virtual Campus depending on the program content and completion requirements.



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