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For additional information regarding the training, certification, dates and location of our next resident based Technical Security Specialist (TSS) TM Designate Certification training, and other professional development training opportunities, please contact our Canadian office.

Early planning, advance registration, and attendance confirmation, is recommended as our class sizes are generally limited to approximately 6 to 12 participants to maximize the learning and instructional capacity within the program, allowing for a more personalized learning experience, as our instructors are able to spend more time with each participant, at the Resident Training Centre (RTC) TM.


Mailing Address Only (Meetings By Appointment Only)

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.
Technical Security Branch (TSB)
5 - 4104 Fairview Street
Suite 319
Burlington Ontario
Canada L7L 4Y8

Telephone Directory

Toronto: (647) 293-7384

Calgary: (403) 812-0737

Ottawa: (613) 903-7577

Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384


E-Mail Directory

Paul D Turner, TSS TSI

President | CEO

Technical Security Specialist (TSS)

Technical Security Instructor (TSI)


Andrzej Wolczanski, TSS

Technical Security Specialist  (TSS)


Gabriele Conflitti, TSS

Technical Security Specialist  (TSS)



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Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384 | Toronto: (647) 293-7384 | Calgary: (403) 812-0737 | Ottawa: (613) 903-7577

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